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Boxing Muay-Thai Professional Fighting Gloves

Boxing Muay-Thai Professional Fighting Gloves

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Product information: 

Step into the ring with confidence and unparalleled protection using our Professional Boxing Muay Thai Fighting Gloves. Crafted to exacting standards, these gloves fuse premium materials with cutting-edge design, ensuring optimal performance for fighters of all level. 

Versatile Weight Options:

Available in a range of weights 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, and 14oz, these gloves cater to various training needs and fight requirements. Select lighter options for speed and precision training, while heavier weights offer increased resistance for strength and endurance development.

Training and Fight Suitability

8-10 oz: Suitable for bag work and pad work for smaller individuals or those with faster hands who want lighter gloves. 12 oz: A standard size for lighter training and pad work. 14 oz: Ideal for general training and sparring for average-sized individuals.        

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