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Boxing Mouth Guard

Boxing Mouth Guard

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Product Description:

Elevate your safety and performance in combat sports with our premium Tooth Guard, meticulously designed for protection and comfort. Crafted from food-grade EVA, this guard ensures a non-toxic, odorless, and soft feel, prioritizing your safety during intense bouts.


  • Safety First, Always: Constructed from food-grade EVA, this tooth guard guarantees a non-toxic, odorless, and soft texture, ensuring complete safety during combat sports like boxing, muay thai, and karate.

  • Convenience Redefined: Packaged in a transparent box, this tooth guard offers both convenient portability and easy storage, ensuring it stays hygienic between uses.
  • Color Options: Available in Black, Red, Blue, Green, or White, allowing you to choose a style that matches your preferences.
  • Material: Constructed with Food-Grade EVA for the highest safety standards.
  • Tooth Guard Size: 6.5 * 4.6cm / 2.5 * 1.8in
  • Box Size: 8 * 7 * 3cm / 3.1 * 2.7 * 1.1in


Packaging List: 

x1 Mouth Guard 


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